Scout Project Ideas and Guidelines

We accept Scout project requests throughout the year.  We encourage Scouts to have an idea of the project(s) they would like to accomplish.  Below is a list of potential Scout projects, we also encourage scouts to present their own project(s) ideas.  

  • Mile markers at MacGregor Park
  • Headstone cleaning at Sugar Grove Cemetery
  • Tree reforestation at MacGregor Park
These projects change frequently and scouts and projects are matched on a first come first serve basis.
Here is a general guideline for the Scout process with the Township:

  • Scout completes volunteer application (clink to form)
  • Confirm project idea with department and connect scout and department lead
  • Project meeting with Westfield Washington Township parks department, scout and scout's adult guardian. Discuss project scope, required paperwork for volunteers,safety and donations.
  • Scout determines date(s) of project and plans and implements project while staying in communication with department lead.
  • Scout performs project. Depending on project, department staff may or may not be present.
  • Scout reports work completed and includes pictures of the project process and completion.
  • Sign project completion form for Eagle/Girl Scout.
  • Thanks sent to all volunteers by Eagle/Girl Scout.